Cass House Inn Photo Shoot ~ Cayucos, California

floral forward.  There's always something new to discover, and with fashion it can be as simple as a common element interpreted in a fresh way.  No other material in fashion equals the nuances of flowers.  How we adore them!!  Every shade, petal and scent are natural stars that can complete a style.
With all the details that make up your wedding - you will soon find that it is a day truly represented by your style.  The tradition of bridal attire;  be it vintage-charm or modern-chic-couture, can be an opportunity to beautifully reinterpret timeless elements.
Flowers. Whether you desire a vibrant or muted shade - a look of sophisticated tailoring, simple whimsy or theatrical brilliance, this very feminine accessory will enhance your moment that is unquestionably you. They are the crowning accent to a perfectly presented ensemble for this most important day.  Shine!

To feature our inspirations we chose The Cass House Inn - a carefully tended garden full of lush organic goodness and enchanted beauty.  How fun for us to be surrounded by such first class dedication to seaside luxury!  The models were a dream with hair and makeup by the infinitely talented Rhyan Townsend who applied the right blend of drama.  Capturing it all with passion (and patience) was the extraordinarily gifted Michelle Warren Photography.  My heart is full of thanks for my friend Kierna Terrisse/Beautymark Marketing who's my encyclopedia for all things girly!  I am happily humbled by all the fantastic possibilities for the future.
Models:  Cassandra Danae, Meagan Haneke-Hopps, Savannah Juel, Ava Terrisse, Kyla Hall and Gabrielle White

(the sweet love of best friends)