I'm quite certain that when Father Francisco de 

Lasuén founded the San Miguel Mission in 1797 the local wine had something to do with it.  Perhaps, it was a graceful coincidence.  But, after a devastating fire in 1806, and the damage of the San Simeon earthquake in 2003, this treasured mission has been through enough.  It would make the dream of someday being surrounded by the spirit of artisan winemaking an excellent idea.  

The appearance of the Mission today is much the same as when it was founded. The sanctuary has never been repainted. The oil paintings and vivid colors you see are original.  They were created and painted by Indian artisans under the direction of Esteban Munras.  A destination to celebrate for sure.  

Especially a marriage of one of the funnest couples I have ever shared this experience with.  

Planning a

 wedding from Chicago would likely be overwhelming for anyone, but Roxanne and Scott knew what they wanted - genuine joy and family with a historical California backdrop.  A combination that makes our rural booming wine country unique.  Old school is still abundant, and that's good.  With weddings in Paso Robles, there is never a chance of not having a great time...or great wine to make history with.


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