KIERNA + PAUL New Year's Eve Wedding

sparkle.  Cameron Ingalls Photography captured these lovely photographs of my effortlessly gorgeous, supremely stylish friend Kierna and her handsome husband Paul at their wedding on New Year's Eve. Their welcoming home, filled with vintage collectables from the 1920's was further embellished with sparkling Christmas ornaments in the softest pastel hues.
Kierna and Paul were surrounded by their children, family and closest friends as they exchanged their vows to one another. Their first kiss as husband and wife was shared precisely at the stroke of midnight.  It was an unforgettable moment to see their joy of the moment and share in the feeling of their optimistic expectations for the years ahead.

May we all hold dearly these time-honored sentiments.  A bright, hopeful future filled with love and beauty for all of us as we celebrate 2011.

Happy Anniversary Kierna + Paul!