HEARST CASTLE Holiday Feast 2009

splendor.  With the production of Friends of Hearst Castle's annual Holiday Feast 2010 under way, we are nestled in with glitter, garlands and dreams...sweetly reminded of last year's decadence.  This annual celebration is the only dinner that is held within the castle each year (unless you are a Hearst family guest!).  Somehow, someday, I will have a ballgown beneath my apron and dine amongst this fantastic luxury.
The celebration for the 2009 Holiday Feast was cleverly designed by the esteemed Chief Executive Carol Schreiber of The Friends of Hearst Castle and the oh, SO talented Mark Padgett Event Design.  The decor was inspired by the architect of the Castle, Julia Morgan and a vintage Bernard Maybeck Christmas card that she received.  Together we combined the rich jewel tones of sapphire, garnet and emerald and highlighted them with the luminescence of a historical cathedral's stained glass window.  The Christmas trees and vases were constructed of gold detail in the French "fil de fer" tradition reflecting the spendor of a bygone era.  

Cheers to a holiday full of sparkle in your own castle!

Hearst Castle was captured in all its festive delight by the brilliance of Colleen Rosenthal Photography.