{fall in love workshop} CAMERON INGALLS PHOTOGRAPHY



. As I drive home every evening I pass field after field filled with flowers, grains and vegetables at all stages of growth.  With the abundant rain that we have received, the hills are a verdant green, creating a backdrop for incredibly stunning color.

There is no vision of color as pure as the one that we see with our eyes and the emotion it conveys.  What continues to thrill us is how gifted photographers are able to capture this feeling with their lens.  It is their talent that makes it possible to share our floral creations with you.

With a heart-filled passion for photography,

Cameron Ingalls

hosted a workshop for photographers at all levels of experience at 

Flying Caballos Ranch

in San Luis Obispo, CA.  The sweet, pastoral setting was perfect for photographers attending from around the world to fine tune their craft.  We provided the whimsical bouquet for the modeling couple.  It is thrilling for us to see the images of one bouquet through the eyes of two of the photographers. 

Cana Video Production

 portrayed the warmth and fun of


endeavor on an early spring day, reminding us that wedding photography is much more than just capturing an image - it's love.

Jose Villa Photography