“My Wedding”. With the mere mention of the words your senses are dramatically heightened. Such magical words. The Plans. The details. 

Lucky you! This is a splendid opportunity to create an entire day surrounding the two or you with the people and ambiance you love the most. 

Every couple wants their wedding to be an authentic representation of their passion and dreams. As your floral and wedding design team we celebrate this excitement and the process of being your sidekick in creating an original aesthetic. Every wedding and event is an inspiring journey for us. With 42 years immersed in the floral and event design industry of California’s Central Coast we know that one thing holds true…that every client wishes for a day of beauty, love and carefree joy. 
Our floral design captures the enchanting, organic aspects of nature; color, contrast, light and texture to create inviting details rendered with heirloom quality. We work with local and international growers to source the most exquisite flowers and foliage, commonly foraging our abundant fields, neighborhood and coastline for the perfect unique ingredients. Whether you are inspired by classic or modern designs we will create a truly remarkable style that is refined and intentional, never forced or over-crafted. 

Our devoted team of artists and craftsman provide complete service for every event, regardless of the size or location. We work closely with your event stylist, coordinator and photographer to ensure every detail is executed with precision and grace. 

You will likely come to the point where you just-want-the-right-answers. We love to hear all of your ideas and tailor them into a cohesive design. The smallest details are what give a style its charm. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you. 

After all…we all seek “Happily Ever After”!  
Laurel White
Adornments Flowers & Finery


MOM & I -  In her flower Studio 1975